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Welcome to bullwhip.co.uk. This is my little website devoted to the fascinating, widespread and costly supply chain problem that I spend a lot of time researching and teaching.  

So what is the bullwhip problem? Well as replenishment orders flow up a supply chain from the consumer (perhaps ourselves in the supermarket) to the supplier, the fluctuations in the order rates increases. This is an expensive supply chain property that impacts upon a companies profit (it affects inventory levels, customer service levels and capacity costs), public image, environmental impact, the quality of life of its employees, the wider community and all of human society.

Now there is much debate about whether the bullwhip problem actually exists, whether a solution exists and what precisely are the economic consequences of it. I hope this website will become a source of information on this.  

If you would like to know more about my bullwhip research, you can watch a (now very old) video of me talking about bullwhip for UKFutureTV by clicking here. Alternatively, working with Xun Wang, I have produced this research briefing that describes, in an accessible manner, how choas can be produced in supply chains.

Professor Stephen Disney, PhD



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